Gladstone Vineyard - Making premium wine, Wairarapa

varied plantings between every second row


To increase biodiversity
To increase organic matter and humus levels
To provide shelter and a food source for beneficial insects and soil
To improve soil structure, water holding capacity and nutrient availability


Chicory - Lucerne - Clover - Grasses


The biomass is mown at key times of the year with our side discharge mower leaving a thick layer of mulch under the vines. This mulch reduces weed growth, conserves water and as it breaks down releases nutrients to the vines. The photo on the right shows the mown biomass placed under the vines.

Watch for...

Buckwheat is sown in every eighth row in November to encourage friendly predator insects. The photo to the left is of young seedlings which grow very quickly and flower within 6-8 weeks of germination. The pollen in the flower is highly nutritious and this is what attracts the beneficial insects.
Alyssum is being trialled under the vines in the Home Block this season. Alyssum seeds are sown in a strip directly under the vines to populate the area and eliminate the need for herbicides. Alyssum is also a great source of nectar, attracting beneficial insects.

healthy soil - healthy vines - good fruit - great Wines