Gladstone Vineyard - Making premium wine, Wairarapa

Our Vineyards

Located near the small settlement of Gladstone in the Wairarapa region of New Zealand, our vines are planted on the ancient river terrace of the nearby Ruamahanga River.  

The soils are free draining and are classified as stony slit loam which is ideal for premium grape production.

The Home Block

The site of the first vine plantings at Gladstone Vineyard, the ‘Home Block’ was first planted in 1986.  There are 2.7ha of vines on the Home Block, with an additional 0.9ha planted at neighbouring Carters Block over 1997-98.  Carters Block was recently sold but is leased back to the vineyard.

The soils are rich, high in nutrients and able to hold water well.

There are over 6500 vines planted at the Home and Carters Blocks, consisting of Sauvignon Blanc (1.6ha), Pinot Gris (1.7ha) and Riesling (0.3ha).

Dakins Road Block

Ten hectares of land at nearby Dakins Road were purchased in 1998 and planted between 2000-02. 

The soils are slightly stonier than those at the Home Block, but are still rich.

Dakins Road is planted in Sauvignon Blanc (4.2ha), Pinot Gris (0.75ha), Riesling (0.25ha), Viognier (0.79ha), Pinot Noir (1.45ha), Merlot (0.75ha), Malbec (0.37ha) and Cabernet Franc (0.75ha).

An additional 8ha of vines are currently leased from two contract growers.

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aerial photo of both vineyards

aerial photo of Gladstone vineyard

aerial photo of Dakins Rd vineyard