Gladstone Vineyard - Making premium wine, Wairarapa

Café Menu

We are currently open Friday to Sunday for lunch anytime of the year (bookings are strongly recommended) or we are open for group bookings of more than 20 people any other day of the week. Please contact us if you need more information or options, we are always happy to help. You can also check out our set menu and platter menu for groups of 20 or more.

Below is our current café menu - it is typical of what is on offer but may change due to availability. We also offer a blackboard menu with our chef's weekly whims. 


Assorted house baked breads, leafyridge olive oil, balsamic and our own dukkah  8.5

House baked flat bread with Kingsmeade Tinui blue cheese, grapes and honey  10.0
Wine match -Gladstone Vineyard Rosé 2012  10.0

Chicken liver and bacon paté served with assorted baked breads  13.5

Vine tomatoes, Castlepoint feta with green and black olives roasted in the oven, served with crusty bread 17.0


White --- Prawns, marinated mussels, salmon paste, shrimp cocktail, ceviche, whitebait and paua fritters, octopus and assorted breads  45.0
Wine match - Gladstone Vineyard Sauvignon Blanc 2013 10.0

Red --- Roasted ham on the bone, pepperoni salami, lemon pepper chicken breast, gherkins, olives, Kingsmeade Ngawi brie, our home-made hummus, tapenade and relish,  and assorted baked breads  35.0
Wine match - Gladstone Vineyard Pinot Noir 2011  10.0

Kingsmeade cheeses of the day  22.0
Wine match - Gladstone Vineyard Autumn Late Harvest Riesling 2013  10.0


Finely sliced beef with cucumber, red onion, tomato, mint, coriander and spring onion mixed with a chilli jam and lime juice dressing, served on a crisp green and rocket salad and garnished with crispy noodles  18.0
Wine match - Gladstone Vineyard Pinot Gris 2013  10.0

Locally caught mussels steamed in Gladstone Vineyard Sauvignon Blanc with cream, garlic, onion and saffron  15.0
Wine match - Gladstone Vineyard Reserve Sophie's Choice 2012  12.0

Pesto-crusted salmon served on a potato and herb rosti topped with a butter and a Pinot Gris cream sauce accompanied with a chunky tomato, olive, feta and onion salad  26.0
Wine match - Gladstone Vineyard Rosé 2012  10.0

Sliced chicken breast poached in a garlic, chilli and ginger broth served over hokkien noodles with bok choy and sliced spring onions  16.0
Wine match - Gladstone Vineyard Reserve Sophie's Choice 2012  12.0

Risotto of Parkvale button mushroom, slowly cooked in Gladstone Vineyard Sauvignon Blanc, vegetable stock and peas, topped with parmesan cheese  15.0
Wine match - 12,000 Miles Pinot Noir 2012  10.0


Frankfurter with cheese and tomato sauce in a Clareville bun, served with fruit and treats  7.5

Pint-sized mince pie served with salad  8.5

GV kids platter --- cheese and ham in a bun, fruit and crisps  10.0

Chocolate and vanilla ice cream sundae served with berry or chocolate sauce  7.5

Spiders –- a dollop of vanilla ice cream in a Phoenix organic lemonade or cola  8.0


Home-made mango, berry and apple sorbets  9.0

Chocolate torte, with chocolate ice cream and chocolate mousse, smothered in a chocolate ganache  12.0

Vanilla and baileys cheesecake served with whipped cream  9.5

Dessert taster --- a taste of each of the above desserts  17.5
Wine match - Gladstone Vineyard Autumn Late Harvest Riesling 2013  10.0

Affogato -- Killinchy Gold affogato ice cream with a shot of hot espresso  6.50